Rig Operations/ Rig Moves

A vital aspect of our operations, both internal and external remote areas are critically important and essential part of our rig move for tracking the entire rig movement activities using the latest technology through the internet and satellite telecommunication systems including GPS monitoring apparatus.
We have mastered coordinating and managing the movement of camp and drilling rigs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the track record of our professional and veteran group in this area, giving our clients the trust and confidence. Our experienced personnel who are well-versed in onshore camp and rig move management and operations are well known and guided by standard operating procedures and safety guidelines being certified rig movers as per Saudi Aramco and at par with the international standard which is the heart of our rig move services. Our veteran technical staff and personnel have been in the industry with a minimum of 15 years of extensive exposure, even in complex and remote rig move operations, this to various types of work over and drilling rigs; 750HP, 1000HP, 1500HP, 2000HP & 3000HP.

It includes familiarity in all drilling sites with records of performance among the local onshore drilling contractors based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our primary focus is providing safe, efficient, timely, and cost-effective rig move support. Our standard procedures will send Daily Re-Caps and Reporting to the Rig Manager, Tool Pusher, and Superintendents or pertinent personnel in conjunction with the rig are rigorously monitored and spot reporting.