Project Management

Petrojet Contracting & Services Pvt. Ltd. can provide the overall Project Management function on small or large projects as the prime & sub-contractor. In this role, we manage all activities performed by Petrojet Contracting & Services Pvt. Ltd., sub-contractors and other suppliers.
Typically, our management functions include the following.

🔹 Establish project procedures and plans for internal work and co-ordination with External entities, including other contractors.

🔹 Monitor and report progress measured against plans to the client. The progress Reporting measurement is agreed with the client prior to implementation. Following this agreement, Petrojet Contracting & Services Pvt. Ltd. Management direct any actions needed to incorporate improvements, obtain client approvals as delineated in project Procedures.

🔹 Monitor works scope and advise client of any potential deviations as soon as they are identified in the trend program.

🔹 Co-ordinate work scope between the project office, sub-contractors, and Suppliers to ensure tasks are correctly interfaced.

🔹 Establish, monitor and report project schedule performance in meeting client Milestones.

🔹 Co-ordinate schedule progress between project office, sub-contractors and Suppliers.

🔹 Monitor and report project procurement activities.

🔹 Establish total quality management processes and monitor implementation.

🔹 Establish a team build program and monitor implementation. Typically, to establish consistency on a project, Petrojet Contracting & Services Pvt. Ltd issues as parts of the Project Execution Procedures and Project Administrative procedures the defined managerial function to be implemented and followed.

🔹 Overall description of Scope of Work by major activity and location. Execution plan for each major activity.

🔹 Schedules with key milestones.-Cost forecasting and control methods.Organization charts, including names of personnel and manpower summarized by major activity and location. Security/Safety compliance plan.